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Transform Vision,  to Reality.

Our purpose is to turn vision and ideas into real technologies and turn technologies into products which disrupt and shape the market for years to come.

Who are I.B.R.S.

I.B.R.S. is a leading R&D solutions provider building disruptive technologies and products to meet current and future needs.  We provide our engineers and scientists with unique environment where remarkable individuals can drive innovation in creative and unique ways.

Our Values

I.B.R.S. operates under a set of principles which are integral to the continued success of our company, our partners and our employees. Our purpose is to create and apply advanced, emerging technologies to make things possible.

Our Services

Translating a great idea into a viable product is a challenging prospect, especially if you don't have the resources to plan, develop and market them. 
I.B.R.S. has the expertise to analyse markets, determine key deliverables and create an end-to-end development map for any project. 

Our Locations

I.B.R.S. global footprint and diverse asset-base creates unique perspectives so we can develop truly innovative solutions. With out head office based in London, United Kingdom and development centres in United States, Turkey, United Arab Emirates,  Pakistan, India and China.


I.B.R.S. is a leading solutions provider building disruptive technologies and products to meet current and future needs.  We enable our engineers and scientists in a unique environment where remarkable individuals can drive innovation in creative and unique ways.
Integrated Business Research Systems consists of two major R&D departments - IBRS Innovation and IBRS Incubation.

IBRS Innovation and Services


IBRS prides itself on being straight forward, honest and reliable who always keep commitments to our clients. We have the courage to make tough decisions when necessary and questions actions which are inconsistent with out values.



As a company, we are drawn to the toughest challenges and committed to solving problems other companies view as undesirable. We are curious, creative and take intelligent risks to discover practical and impactful solutions.



We are relentless when seeking improvement and insist on delivering outstanding finished products. We follow best practices, minimise complexity, eliminate waste and strive to excel everyday.



IBRS' worldwide network of developers know that our best work is done together. We construct high functioning teams for each project and cultivate the trust and communications required to deliver high impact products.




After a detailed discussion and analysis of business requirements, we draw up a set of achievable products features and a basic roadmap.



We develop an overarching product architecture, identifying specific modular components and the toolsets we'll need throughout developments. We design a set of interfaces for each component, reducing development time and streamlining integration.



After the initial evaluation phase, we'll pick an experienced project manager best suited to execute the scope of the project. The manager will oversee the entire development process, making sure all stakeholders are involved as the project matures and milestones are reached. 



Making sure that users can easily interact with a product is just as important as it's core functionality. Our graphic design and engineering teams create interface prototypes which er extensively test with internal quality assurance and selected users representatives of the target audience. 



I.B.R.S. know that even the most trial issue, left unchecked has the potential to set-back or derail an entire project.  That's why we embed a team of dedicated quality assurance engineers onto each project we undertake. Adhering to a strict QA plan, our engineers test the project at every stage of it's development, from initial design, through integration and final user acceptance.



Once a product is ready to launch, we provide a full set of product support and training documents. I.B.R.S. are there for the long-haul and will run the training sessions for sales, marketing, support and IT staff whenever required.


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